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Jolene has always believed that everyone is created equal; physically, emotionally and spiritually. She feels that all people are born with the same divine gift that was bestowed upon her, but many have not fine tuned this ability.

    For example, all people are born with the ability and tools to talk. As an infant you start off gurgling, laughing, and crying out. As you get older and begin to hear you parents talking to you more, you begin to fine tune your communication with your parents. Your parents read to you, and sound things out for you, and over a period of time you develop your skills of speech by  the teaching of your parents and instructors guidance.

   Your psychic ability is developed the same way as speech. One could even think of it as another form of communication. By demand and wanting to help make the world a more spiritual and loving place, Jolene decided to write a book to help people fine tune this natural ability. 

    In her book "Visions Of You 101", Jolene goes through the process of how she learned to fine tune her intuitive abilities. In each chapter you will learn different exercises that are laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step process that anyone can understand. She will also inform you more about different terms "psychics" use, angles and guides and how to communicate with them, how to protect yourself, how to read human and animal auras, interpret pictures and meanings, grounding and centering, and much more!

   The book will be available in paperback and also in PDF format (to be read on a PC). To read the introduction to "Visions Of You 101", please click the book below.

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