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I did not think anything of it at first, but Drako began to be like Sam more and more as he got older.  Drako one day, was at the end of my ranch driveway sleeping. I was at the other end sitting in a chair, and had an epiphany. I asked him in my mind to wake up, and slowly he lifted his head and turned to look at me! I asked Drako to come up the driveway to me, and so he got up and trotted in my direction. He sat in front of me when her eached me, and I asked him if he was my Sam? Maybe it might have been my imagination, but Drako curled up the corners of his lips and shown what was a smile. With pictures he said,

“Yes mom….I’m back.”

You will laugh and enjoy more personal stories of my own experiences that I have had happen along the way including some tear jerkers too. These stories will correspond with basic exercises to awaken your  own ability. I am going to show you some techniques that I use, and also cover  what guides and angels are, grounding and centering, aura reading, learning to protect yourself from psychic attacks, fine tuning your intuition, beginning communication with spirit, how to take the good news with the bad, and more.  We will get into reading people and animals as well.  By the end of this book, accompanied by hard work and dedication, using your intuitive ability will be just as natural as breathing. It will also give you the opportunity to pass on the universal love to others.          

 I thank God for allowing me to know from such an early age to accept who I am. It is now time for you to be enlightened and understand who you are, and it all starts with just listening. Growing up, we tend to forget to stop and smell the roses, but when learning to hone your skills, you need to stop and listen.


                  Now……. are you ready to begin the journey?





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