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Since learning never stops for anyone, I continue on in my studies and practice. I am now able to confirm someone’s questions without ever being asked anything. One might be startled at first, but I choose to give readings that way to debunk any doubt that an inquirer may have about my gift. I  am not on a mission to prove myself to anyone, because you either believe or you don’t. Skeptics are later turned into believers once they are read with the style I will teach you in this book. A perfect example of learning lessons and turning believer, is when I was out  and about with one of my friends at a shopping center.

While reading a woman who had approached me earlier, another woman came right up to me demanding for me to, “Prove it.” I first denied her request, and continued on with the reading I was in the middle of. The second woman began to rant on to me and anyone within ear shot  inside the store that we, as in psychics,  were are all fakes. Being used to these situations, I politely asked her to wait while I finished the reading I was in the middle of.  She walked away and just as soon as I finished the reading and was looking at my appointment book, the taunting woman came right back up to me accompanied by a young teenage girl.

I asked the woman if the young teenage girl that was standing next to her was her daughter . She replied that she was, and I asked her to have her young daughter go sit in her vehicle. She snorted and huffily said,

“Oh, come on now!"

I knew then this was a woman would be a tightly shut book, as all skeptics are. I grounded and centered and went into my meditative state. As I stood in front of her, I instantaneously saw the color red with some black circulating all though out her body. The red/black began to intensify, centering over her chest area. I said,

"I am not a doctor or anything in the medical field, so please know that.”

                I then stated what I was reading from her energy, and repeated myself to make it clear that what she is going to hear is not medical advice or treatment. I informed her that I saw something going on that, and it felt all wrong in her chest area. I told her that it might be nothing, but she may want to go see a doctor. The information I was receiving was relentless on making itself clear. When I looked at her, the woman was tearing up and the daughter started crying by her side. The woman said.

"Oh, my God my breast implants have been leaking and making me ill. The doctors want to remove them and I am scared, so I have been putting it off." She stared at me in disbelief. I asked the woman,

"Will you ask your daughter to please go sit in the vehicle now, as what I am about to tell you is something I believe you do not want your girl to know.”

She quickly complied to the request with no hesitation, and I waited for her daughter to be out of sight before I proceeded. I went into her reading which dealt with her committing adultery, along with more information aout what was happening in her life. After I finished with her reading, she went and got her daughter , and I performed a reading for her too. The daughter stood with her mouth opened. With amazement she said,

"Wow your right on, this is way cool!"

I believe everyone has a lesson(s) in life, and the lesson for the mother to learn was not all Mediums/Psychic/Readers are fakes. She later told me she was going to go back and see her Doctor , take care of herself,and was going to make some life changes for the better. She stated,

"I cannot believe this Jolene. You just started talking and did not lead me or ask hardly any questions just a few to validate what you had told me. Jolene you’re amazing".

            My friend stood by me grinning and told her that I was for real, and that what I do is truly amazing. With that said, the woman and daughter parted with hugs and smiles, turning that day into another good experience.


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