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With my Great Dane named Sam, I was told by my guides about a month before his scheduled appointment to have his hips X-rayed for OFA that something was going to go wrong and he would be severely injured. They kept telling me to go only to U.C. Davis and no where else to have this type of procedure preformed. I did not listen and turned a deaf ear to them. I had always gone to U.C Davis Veterinary Hospital to have my other dogs done, but this time a friend of mine who worked for a vet said for me to bring him to her clinic. She had portrayed herself to be a Vet Technician (later I found that was not the case), and as a fellow dog breeder and friend I trusted her. My guides were still screaming at me to not take him there, but she assured me he would be okay.

When I arrived to the clinic my guides were still yelling at me. My friend knew of my intuitiveness, so I told her that I kept feeling something was going to happen She still said that it was going to be okay, and that they do OFAs all the time. Reluctant to leave Sam, I left with a horrible, sickening feeling in my gut.

Upon picking him up later that afternoon, it was brought to my attention that certain vital steps before sedating and performing the X-ray had not been done. They didn’t write down any of the medical history of Sam that I told them, and they did not even weigh him properly to admit the required dosage for sedation.

With the vet and staff not giving the proper care, it resulted in Sam being wrestled with on the X-ray table, and then dropped on the floor which caused his left liver lobe to torsion and injuring his spine. They released him back to me despite my protest and hurried me out the door. I did not know the extent of the damage nor what had happened in my absence, but my guides were really screaming at me now. Sam, a few short hours later was rushed to and Emergency Hospital where they discovered the torsion. With prayer and hope, Sam was saved but suffered the consequences.  The liver had to be removed to save his life, costing thousands of dollars, and he later had to endure the pain no animal should have to. I paid the price as well. because I have to live with the fact that I was warned but did not heed it.



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