Before paying for an appointment, please send an email to so that an appointment may be made for you. When sending an e-mail, please include:

-A picture of who the reading is for (not required)         

-what time/day you would like to receive a reading on

-Your name                                                                      

-length of time for reading desired

-Best way to be contacted (phone number, e-mail, etc.)

Though a picture would achieve better results in a reading, it is not required as jolene can read the aura etc. Jolene will channel herself with your energy or you animal's energy with out one. (To learn more about the 'readings', please visit her About Page)

    When your email is received, you will get a response within 48 hours to let you know that your request for an appointment has been made. You will be notified by the best way to be contacted method. When your appointment has been confirmed, please come back to this page and select the "pay now" button that corresponds with the reading time or we can send a invoice to you for payment.

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15 minute reading

$ 20.00 USD

A fifteen minute reading is all you could really need when it comes to asking a few questions. Recommended for people only wanting to know about specific topics, or situations in their life.

30 minute reading

$ 60.00 USD

A thirty minute reading will allow Jolene to go into further details about the more complex issues you have or may want to know about. Recommended for any issues and multiple questions.

60 minute reading

$ 120.00 USD

This is the optimal time recommended for those who do not know what to ask, what to expect, or what they want to know. The time given here will let Jolene really open herself up and tell you everything that comes to her from your angels and spirit guides and hers.

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