Success Stories

The stories that are on this page, are the details the clients wanted to share with Jolene after they had recieved a reading or while trying to find a lost animal. These stories are written by the client, as they wish to share what Jolene's amazing ability has done for them and their loved ones.

Rio's Story 

Dear Jolene:

    I had heard of the work you do from another animal Rescue Group and was encouraged to contact you about my Rio.    
    Thank you, Jolene!   Had it not been for your help –
wouldn't be home again resting on her sofa.   
    You mentioned the # 7 in the beginning:  
Rio was found bet. 7-7:30 a.m. – she covered an approx. 7 mile radius – You had said it could be the time of being found or could be within a 7 mile radius of where we was lost. (Right on both accounts!)

    Shannon was the person who found the dog and there were 7 letters in her name.   Jolene, you told us that you could see her by a chain-link fence – a rod-iron fence – Rio was at a construction site (chain link fencing) – and the Fernbank Science Center (has rod-iron fencing) – 
    Jolene – You said you would talk to her and tell her to make herself visible – and Rio did this.   We got sightings from at least 10-15 people.   No one had seen
until you, Jolene, told her to make herself visible.
    You told
Rio, its time to go to someone – but Rio
never trusted anyone along the way. You said this too that she would NOT trust anyone to go too.   
    Two days before
Rio was found – You told me to be quiet and “lets pray” which we did then you told Rio “you have been gone for almost 3 weeks now – you must be hungry and cold – its time to go to someone now.   Only go to someone you feel comfortable w/ and someone you trust, ”  That is when Rio went right up to Shannon. Shannon had absolutely no trouble at all – Shannon got down on Rio's level w/a leash and Rio walked right into the leash!!!  She knew she could trust Shannon. Rio
does not trust people (again which you knew without me saying anything of that to you) and has NEVER done this before walking up a person let alone a stranger!   
    From the beginning – Jolene – you told us
Rio would be found via/the microchip – the fact that the dog had tags and collar on – Shannon who found her took her to a vet to be scanned. She did not leave the dog with the vet but took her home to be contacted. Shannon trusted the info from the microchip only – and called right away. 

    So – thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, Jolene.   We believe you are the reason Rio is home now!   
did everything you told her to do!    And now she is safe and happy and warm and dry!


Leslie Georgia

Mimi's Story

Good evening everybody.

    I wanted to share with everyone that my MIMI IS HOME
and is sleeping peacefully stretched out on a doggie bed in my room, probably for the first time, in one month, as of yesterday, when she first went missing.

     Below are the two emails that I received this morning that were instrumental in setting the wheels in motion to find Mimi: 

    "I'm on the oakhurst listserve -- thought that this might be mimi"

    "This morning my husband saw a stray dog at walmart. Does anyone know
of a rescue shelter that might take it. It is brindle and
white...looks like a grey hound mix. It did not look like it had a
collar and would not come near us. We are concerned he/she might get
into trouble being so close to Memorial and

Please pass this on if you know anyone that can help :)"

    I joined the Oakhurst group shortly after Mimi went missing, on the advice of a vet tech at the Emory Vet Clinic. Since Mimi was sighted in that area, she thought it would be a good idea as this is a wonderful close knit group of neighbors and dog lovers. I sent out my first email regarding Mimi and received two emails from woman who said they would keep an eye out for Mimi and wished me the best in finding her. About two weeks ago, I posted an update. As of yesterday, Mimi had not been sighted for almost two weeks.........

 .........Then Beth, from the Dal Pals group emailed us last week, to let us know about a Dalmatian that a woman got from her, and put the dog to sleep and to make sure none of us gave her another one. I wrote to Beth and told her how sorry I was that she lost one of her fosters and then told her my story of Mimi and how she went missing. She also cc'd a woman named Judy, who is from
Atlanta. Beth wrote to me and said
Keep a picture of Mimi in your head.  Picture her coming home and picture a white light about her.  Say "Christ's White Light of Protection" Do this as often as you can!  Whether ou believe in Christ or not, it concentrates your energies.    Remember the lost puppy mill dog Phoenix in Atlanta
that took 6 weeks but was finally caught. Picture her surviving and keep posting and flyers.  
    Know too that dogs usually don't travel straight but in a circle and they will usually come back to an area that is somewhat familiar until it is familiar. Every dog I've known to be loose has done this.  Continue to check and leave clothing out of yours and food of course in the area that you last saw her.  Good luck!     Ask Judy what she did too and maybe she has some suggestions.  She's in
Atlanta too.   I copied her too bec. we all need to help each other. A lost terrified dog takes all our efforts.
    So I wrote to Judy and she replied 

    "One of the things we did for Phoenix is to pura a live trap in the area she had been sited. Gwinnett Co. animial control had a large one and came and set it up for us. We put vines ontop of it to disguse it asn stinky cat food inside. I do know that she will try to find her way back to you if she can, otherwise, she will return to the area she got away from. Put clothing and food and water out for her. Talke to animal contraol and the sheriff's office and ask them to keep an eye ot for her. Do what Beth says about the white light. The night before Phoenix  was caught I did that and about an hour later, Louise called me and told me they had Phoenix.

This may sound weird also, but get ahold of Jolene DeGraef. Her email address is She is a psychic. She told me at the beginning where Phoenix
was and what she was doing. Because of her we concentrated on the area and when we found Phoenix, she had been right on. She told me about a large paved area with a fence and saw her running the fence. (there was a big Catholic church with a privacy fence across the street from where she was found). She told me there was some kind of store nearby with garbage cans and a busy street. Across from the church was a quiki mart and the street was a busy street. She told us she was staying in the area she had gotten away from. She told me things that without her help we may never have found her. what she does is tap into the dogs energy and feels what the dog feels. In the meantime, I will keep you and Mimi in my prayers. Don't be discouraged, these spots are a hardier breed than we expect. Phoenix lived 7 weeks in the kudzo in the GA summertime when we were having that awful heat wave and she was afraid of people."
   I immediately wrote to Jolene Thursday night just as Judy suggested... I was going to try anything and everything to get my Mimi back!!  I couldn't believe it, but Jolene actually called me back.. and from CA!!! She said she received my email and wanted to let me know first, that Mimi IS alive!! I was relieved to hear that. Then she  told me to keep Mimi surrounded by a white light and picture her running towards me; That she was running back and forth, wanting to be with people, but too afraid. She also said she saw a lot of trees and bushes. That she would be found in three to five days but it was very important to keep the energy flowing so that Mimi would feel it. Jolene was right on!!! Well, I emailed and told all my buddies what Jolene said and they all kept Mimi surrounded by the white light and running towards me. Poor Sheila was up all night this Saturday night thinking of Mimi. So was my friend Rachael... and Linda 

So, this morning I did my chores and then sat to check my emails and low and behold I read the email from Jen, and the one she forwarded to me from a woman named Pattie (at the top of this email) and I burst out crying, could barely breath and my hands were shaking!! lol I called my buddy Pattie and read the emails to her. She said she had one call and then would head over to WalMart and call me. After I got off the phone, I was beside myself and there was NO WAY I was going to sit there and wait so I called her back and said "I can't sit here, I'm on my way to WalMart". 

    I threw on some clothes, grabbed three cans of stinky dog food, and some dirty clothes with my scent on them, and took off to Wal Mart. I got there first and started talking to the employees. They all knew Mimi and said she had been hanging around the store for almost two weeks!!! When Pattie got there, we started walking in the direction the employees told us they had seen Mimi, quite often. Then Pattie and I split up and one of the employees yelled "THERE SHE IS"!!! Guys, I freaked!!! I looked in the direction she was pointing and there was my Mimi. So we took
off following Mimi as she ran through the parking lot and then disappeared over the hill that I nearly killed myself getting on top and over of. I managed to keep up with her.. sorta, but then a woman saw me and stopped her car. I asked her if she could follow Mimi and she told me to jump in!!! Turns out this woman knows my friend Pattie!! We followed Mimi as she ran down the sidewalk and than at one point I got out with my bag of treats, one can of food and my cellphone. The lady left and Mimi ran in to the ball field. I called Pattie and she drove up. I spotted Mimi running along the fence and gave chase.. stepping in to a hole and spraining my ankle.. the food and treats went flying but I held on to my cellphone!! I got up and two girls that were sitting on a bench watching the game as me if they should call an ambulance!! lol Pattie joined me and we followed Mimi but lost her. Pattie said I bet she went back to WalMart . In the meantime, a woman who lived on the corner yelled over and asked us if we got the dog. We wound up talking with her and she told us she and a neighbor three houses down had been putting food out for Mimi for about 1.5 weeks. We asked her if we could set the trrap up and she said yes. Pattie went back to the shelter to get the trap and I went back to WalMart and talked again to the employees. I have to say, the ones I talked to were some of the nicest people I had met. They all knew Mimi and pretty much her schedule, where she hung out and how she looked for food then took it up to that dreaded hill to eat it!! 

    I decided at that point that I would drive back to the ball field area and while I was driving I called my friend Linda to give her an update and all of a sudden, right across from the woman's house where were were going to set the trap, I said to Linda "
OMG Linda, Mimi is across the street". She said to me "try to get her in your van" and I said "I can't, she's on the other side of the fence.. I gotta go" and I hung up. I drove in to the ball field driveway and closed the gate behind me. I saw Mimi at a distance and yelled "Mimi, come to mama". The same two ladies were still sitting there watching the game and I yelled to them not to chase Mimi. Mimi looked like she was walking in my direction but then would turn back towards the girls. One of them had an umbrella and every time Mimi tried to get past her, she would block her way with the closed umbrella. Finally Mimi turned in my direction and I put a bag of treats on the grass and remembered Linda's suggestion of trying to get her in the van. So I slowly walked around the van and opened all the doors and the crate doors and watched Mimi from the gate and pretended I was completely ignoring her. I didn't say a word and I didn't try to get near her. After she ate a few treats, she slowly walked over to the van and started sniffing the passenger side... then she walked to the back of the van and sniffed again and then to the other side. I thought she was going to jump in to the crate but realized I didn't open the door of that crate. I never said a word but I remember Pattie telling me earlier, almost constantly, lol,  to keep calm (which was really really hard for me to do:) when Mimi was so close, so many times, but I couldn't get near her!! Finally she walked around to the passenger side of the car and, I couldn't believe my eyes, but she stepped in to the van and sat on the floor. I walked so slowly that it seemed like hours, but I finally made it to the drivers side door and gently shut it. I wanted to run to the passenger door but I walked slowly to it and shut it. Then I walked around to the driver's side, opened the door, and got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My MIMI WAS SAFE!!!!! She knew the van by all the scents taht she ws familiar with becaue she loved going to Pet Smar in it. We sat for few minutes getting reaquainted and I call Pattie and said "I GOT MIMI". I met Pattie at WalMart and the security guard saw us in the side parking lot where I gave him a thumbs up. He got out of his truck and came over to talk to us for a few minutes. 

    I know this was a pretty long winded email but I wanted everyone to know how instrumental and wonderful so many people were while Mimi was missing. I don't think I've ever come across so many people willing to help and offer their support, encouragement and suggestions. I came across so many people on this journey that I wish I could thank but I don't know how to contact alot of them. I do know they came in to my life and helped me get Mimi back, and for that I will forever grateful.


    I know there are people that I would like to receive this email but I don't have their email addresses, so I'm asking a favor that you guys all crosspost this email to people you know that knew Mimi was missing.. no matter how small their part might've been.. I want them to know that Mimi is home and how grateful I am that they came in to my life even for a short time and made this journey a little less difficult for me.

Thanks to Pattie, who took a bunch of pictures of Mimi and me today, I have attached the one that didn't catch me yapping!!! lol

Sleep tight all.. I know I will.. FINALLY!!!

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