Below are testimonies of customers who have written Jolene in response to her readings. Please check back for more wonderful testimonies as, they will be added frequently.

"I have enjoyed the blessings of Jolene's friendship for over 20 years and I believe she has the phenomenal God given gift. She is a truly unconditionally loving being. She has a zest for life and an optimism that is infectious. Soon Jolene will be booked months in advance. Take advantage of the fact that you have been led to her exclusive site at this time. Your one of the lucky ones but I believe there are no accidents. Perhaps someone on the other side (or on your lap) is waiting to talk to you. Jolene has hidden her light behind a bale of hay for too long. Now that her friends have coaxed her out of the barn the world will soon benefit from her amazing ability"

           ~Sister Cy; recording artist.

 "Jolene is one of the most accurate and honest psychics I have had the pleasure of receiving readings from. She told me in 1992 that my future husband would wear a size 12 1/2 shoes, have blond hair, be 6 foot tall, blue eyes, would have a part missing from his finger and work with his hands for a living such as construction. She also said I would date three other men before him. I would meet him but would not date him for six months. She was RIGHT on!! Jolene has the unique ability to just talk to a person and start telling them things about themselves. Her unique ability with the animals is outstanding too! I recently asked her about my cat who is 15 years old. I did not get to tell Jolene anything about my cat only the name of my cat before she told me that my cat was on borrowed time and was ailing and to get her to a vet. She told me about the coughing and what was going on (again she was right on!). Jolene out of the blue will start telling me things while doing a reading and just so you know I did indeed marry that 6 footman!"

            ~Kasey Bergquist; California

           "Jolene is very accurate and very concise to the truth of any matter whether it be about you, a person or an animal. She has helped me find things I have lost/misplaced too. I have referred her to others who just could not believe what she does and after a reading now believe. If it is about you or your animal or both you'll enjoy your time spent with her. All I can say is give it a try she'll tell you of the unknown or confirm things you need! Jolene is the real thing. She is truly a blessing to me!"

            ~Yolanda Riojas; California


“I felt the reading was very accurate. Jolene told me things that she could not have known about my inner personality and my thoughts and feelings. She is dead on and with animals too! I would recommend that you have a reading from Jolene for yourself and or one of your animals.She is the Real Deal! 

~Dr. Kitty Kenyon of Kenyon of Dog Creek Great Danes


“I very much enjoyed my session with Jolene. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Over the years I have used other animal communicators but, only one other one showed as much talent and insight as Jolene. She was not only right on target with reading my Danes, she also had suggestions that worked the very first time I applied it. I believe her skills to read and communicate animals is fabulous and her talent as a trainer is also terrific. I saw the changes in my dogs behavior immediately. I am looking forward to speak with Jolene again, and I hope she will be available to us for many many years. Thank you Jolene, you are just awesome!!

~Monika Olbrisch Von Bonehenge Great Danes U.S.A.


“Jolene has been a big help to me even when I have not asked. She's been right on when I have come to her with situations I wanted advice on. I HIGHLY recommend her for a reading for yourself or your pets.” 

 ~Sharon Moore Phelan Pinschers


"I had my first reading with Jolene about seven years ago. At the time, she told me that she didn't know how she could help me, but maybe she could help me accept the road ahead a little easier. She prepared me for challenges that she saw in the future. At the time, I didn't think I could handle any more heartache, but Jolene was able to prepare me for a long road ahead. It made it a lot easier to accept those challenges when they came. She also told me that things would get better after many years, which helped me to see light at the end of a tunnel. Jolene has been very accurate with her phone readings. I have been amazed at her intuitive abilities, and I am so grateful for the blessing of peace that I have felt as a result from talking to her. She is currently encouraging me to work on developing my own intuitive abilities, which I am excited to pursue! I thank God for leading me to Jolene. She has a special gift to share and give to others. If you have been blessed to come across Jolene's book or website, and you could benefit from some insight, I would HIGHLY recommend that you contact Jolene for a reading. You will be amazed!"

~Pam Jensen, California (2007)


Good morning Jolene, I trust you had a wonderful weekend.  I wanted to let you know that I found Murphy Friday night and he is safe and sound.  I followed your advice and pictured him coming to me and he did! You were right on!!  What you had told me was amazing! I still cannot get over it at all!! You are awesome and truly have a God given gift.
Bless you and your loved ones

 ~Jeanette and Murphy; USA



       Hello Jolene –
I have received your email address from Liz Francis in GA – you gave her valuable information about Mimi – a little Italian Greyhound – a rescue dog of hers who became lost after being adopted.  

This is what I rec’d from Liz:

“Jolene told me that Mimi was alive and that she saw her in an area surrounded by trees and that she was running back and forth but would not go to anyone. She told me I would find her within three days and how I would have to find her. I spoke to Jolene on a Friday night and I found Mimi on Sunday. She described the area very well, in fact Jolene did describe everything and was right on, right down to Mimi wouldn't go to anyone and how to go about getting her too! Jolene your really something!!.


    ~"Mimi's Mom" Liz Francis  Georgia  USA

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