" Visions of you by Jolene"      

Would you like to know your pet’s thoughts and the reasons for their behavior?Would you like to know more of what your energy is saying about you and your life? Do you have concerns about loved ones who have crossed over? Now your questions can be brought to light by Intuitive Reader and Animal Communicator Jolene.

 In a style of her very own, Jolene has helped many people and their loved ones communicate in the ways, we as a human species, are just beginning to understand. She helps many people and their dear companions through life transition and healing. From a very young age, she found she could communicate with animals of all kinds. Animals have been great teachers for her and have helped her fine tune her amazing intuitive gift. Jolene also discovered she could apply her intuitive abilities with people too.



                  Everyone has a unique energy whether they are alive, or have passed over. When someone passes, that unique energy remains behind, resonating. By reading that energy, Jolene is able to use her ability to know more of the past, present and future. The non believers will even be amazed.  

               She feels she has the great privilege to meet incredibly evolved beings.

           "An Animal’s dignity, love, and total trust in us is something that people have still a lot to learn from", says Jolene, " I do thank God each and everyday for this Divine gift he has bestowed upon me". 

             Compassionate by nature with a profound intuitive ability, Jolene’s dedication to the truth creates a state of clarity and confidence in all who seek her help.

Jolene enjoys helping find lost animals with great success.

 In her live national radio program called "Visions of you by Jolene", she took live calls with the people, allowing them to only state their name and one question; stating nothing else. She would start reading them with amazing clarity and accuracy. She would then tell them things that they had not even asked.

         "I have enjoyed the blessings of Jolene's friendship for over 20 years and I believe she has the phenomenal God given gift. She is a truly unconditionally loving being. She has a zest for life and an optimism that is infectious,” says Cy (a beloved late friend of Jolene),”Jolene has hidden her light behind the hay bale for too long. Now that her friends have coaxed her out of the barn, I think the world will benefit from her amazing ability"  



          Jolene is booked months in advance, so please make an appointment as soon as possible as to not miss your opportunity. You’ve been lead here already, so why not travel down the path a little further?  I believe there are no accidents and it is not chance that you came here. Perhaps someone on the other side (or on your lap) is waiting to talk to you?

             In her newsletters, Jolene will explain more in depth how she feels everyone has this ability in some manner or form. She will tell her side of how she developed her "Insight to the Unknown" and more. 

         Jolene does bookings in groups or individuals as well as club events; ranch calls are available. Jolene reads for people and all types of animals. In person or telephone readings are set up by appointment. For events of where Jolene will be appearing, please check the events page.

Jolene's book "Visions of you 101" will be out soon. Captivating Stories and a "How to Book"  has been asked for  from Jolene.   

          Check back often for upcoming gallery dates, intuitive workshops and events!

      Feel free to check out the rest of the site for details, pricing, and comments!  

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