Intuitive Reader and Animal Communicator Jolene

    Jolene has developed her own style in communicating with animals and people.  She does not use any tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, ball gazing, or astrology. She uses the God given gift she was blessed with with giving very accurate readings.

    Jolene is blessed with the gift of being Clairvoyant (seeing and communicating with spirit; remote viewing) and Clairaudio (hearing spirit).  Before she goes into her meditative state, she will tell you what she sees around you. She will describe to you your aura and what the color(s) of your aura means. She has been known to pin point problematic areas on a person's or animal's body, whether the subject is aware of them or not. Some subjects go to see a doctor/vet afterwards to find what she said is true (NOTE: Jolene is not a physician of any kind, or doctor and it is advised to only do what is instructed by your physician). Once she centers and opens herself to your energy and guides/angels, she will speak what she hears from them & hers and tell you what they are showing/telling her. It is wise to record your conversation with her as it proves quite useful.  She welcomes being recorded, or you may take notes.

    She does nothing different for an in person reading as she does for an over the phone reading. Jolene doesn't need to see anyone in person to be able to tune into a person's or animal's energy. It does help the process to proceed more quickly in an over the phone reading if a picture is sent of the subject(s) in question, but it is not required.


Animal Readings

    With animal readings, Jolene can often help with problematic issues with your animals. If you would like answered why they behave a certain way, or why are they so destructive, fearful etc., a reading on your animal will give you a lot more insight to your animal's psyche. By speaking with them, she will be able to figure out what their thought process is, and talk with them with her own technique way to let them understand what is going on. She has had a high success rate with problematic dogs by communicating as such. Jolene will also give you advice to further help communicate with your dog better when you have a reading done over the phone or in person.

(Jolene pictured with a few friends!)

    Jolene also does a lot of work with rescue missions and lost dogs. She donates her time and readings to rescue causes and charities. For succesful rescue stories about how she helped to find lost animals, please go to the Success Stories  or the Testimonial page. You can go to the stories page by clicking on the candle of hope below.

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