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Written By: Jolene


For some years now, friends and people that I have done readings for have asked me to write a book on what I do and how I do it. Reactions of,

“Oh, this is awesome! You’re amazing,” or, “Wow I've seen this on TV , but did not think it was real,” are the most typical responses I get from a client. Intuitively reading a person is something that I have been naturally able to do all my life. When I get reactions such as the ones above, it reminds me how few people even know they have the same gift that I posses.  

I have found that people are naturally drawn to others with energy such as mine, like how a butterfly is attracted to the nectar in a flower.  When my assistant and I are out on the town, most people approach me unaware of this energy. Once they learn what I am able to do, a line quickly forms in front of me, as if I am an open register in a grocery store. Of course my assistant has to pull me away, because I just can’t say no to someone when they ask for help. I’d be there for hours if it wasn’t for her!

I do enjoy helping people, so if I feel a “psychic tug” towards a stranger I will usually go and tell them what I get from my guides. Though, doing such does have its awkward moments, but usually people warm up to my approach when they know that I am heading in the right direction. I relay information from what I am shown, and allow my angels/guides to “speak” for me in a sense, so it is always said with an open heart. Reading a person or animal can be fun and lead to many exciting experiences! I usually start out reading an individual, and end up speaking to numerous loved ones or pets that have crossed over. They will stop in and wish for me to express to the individual that they are okay, and that they love them. It is very gratifying to deliver those "gifts" from a loved one to the recipient. 

When giving a reading I experience sight, sounds and smells. The proper terms for these phenomenons are called Clairvoyance (seeing spirit), Clairaudience (hearing spirit), Clairsentience (emotions), and Claircognizance (knowing). One modality is not better than the others, as all of them are useful in their own ways. Sometime you may receive information through several modalities!  I developed these skills over many years of dedication and patience. I began by communicating with animals at a young age, as I found them to be more accepting of my gift.  My older brother, who was a non believer, did not help and would make fun of me by calling me eccentric. I later grew to be more comfortable reading people’s energy, as I discovered other people like me who also had guides and could speak with spirit. They helped me spiritually grow and mature, and taught me to not be ashamed of my gift; to share it with those who need it the most. I will admit, I was un-nerved when I first started experiencing the paranormal, but again with the help of my mentors I was able to control what I heard and saw. I learned how to “hit the off switch” when I didn’t want a passing spirit popping in to say hello.

I will explain how to turn off and on this “switch” in the following chapters, as well as walk you through  what you might see at first when your third eye begins to open. With this in mind, it is good to be able to know how to tune some things out, but you shouldn’t ignore a “nudge”, red flag, or gut feelings. Through experience  I learned the hard way about ignoring these “nudges”, and my animals have paid dearly for it. I regret not listening. I no longer question my gut feeling, or try to prove to myself that what I foresee will happen. I feel this next story is important and needs to be shared, because you as a “psychic” in training need to know how much of an impact can be made by not listening.


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