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Along with the ability to read people, we are born with the gift to read animals. Animals are not so surprisingly intuitive, and can communicate just as we can. It is harder however, as animals cannot speak. They have to communicate more with pictures. I will discuss later in the book how animals can be just as useful in receiving information, and how they too have guides. Animals do have souls, and when they pass on in spirit they can still communicate from the spiritual realm. Telepathic communication, which is thoughts and feelings sent across a distance,  is the universal language among animals. All animals use telepathic communication among themselves. It is non-verbal and intuitive in nature, and can be a very rich, complex form of communication between species. Once understood, a conversation takes place a lot easier between animal and human. It comes easier for thos who are more open and accepting, so communicating with animals might not be for everyone. The story of Sam and Dreamer is sad yet touching, and is a perfect example of telepathic communication, animal souls in the after-life, and their intuitive abilities.

My “original” Sam, also known as Sir Sampson Riley, was very old. Great Danes do not have a long life span, and he was up in his senior years. He was having more and more problems with walking, and I did everything that I could do for him. At the same time, I had purchased a younger Dane bitch named Dreamer that was bred by Wanda Hepler, and had her flown in from the East Coast. When Dreamer came to California she did not want anything to do with me. I tried communicating with her and everything, but she bonded with Old Sam.

                    It came to the point in time that anyone who loves animals dreads; the time they have to make the decision. I knew in my heart I had to put Sam down. He was sixteen years plus years old; his heart and mind still able, but not his body. I sat down with him the night before I was going to have to put my beloved Sam down. I told him in my mind with pictures and words about the bleak future. With tears from my eyes, streaming down my face into his still soft coat I told him I had to let him go, and asked him if it was ok.

He told me that he knew his time had come and that it was okay, but assured me he would be back. I then got a rush of very deep love from him, and in return I showed him my love for him was mutual.

 I asked him to talk to Dreamer for me, as I did not know how I could handle the following days without him by my side.  I just didn’t know how I could handle losing him when he was always there for me. I told him of my love for Dreamer, but she was still stand offish with me. Dreamer seemed to just endure me, but I could tell she loved Sam. I knew Sam understood and he would talk to her in his own way. He assured me again he would come back, if possible, through Dreamer herself.

                About an hour later, I saw him on his bed that was next to mine in the master bedroom with Dreamer by his side. She looked at him with intent in her eyes, ears perked, and listening. I knew he was telling her of what was to happen, and I observed Dreamer placing her head on his hip.

The next morning, I took Sam in my 4-runner to have him go meet me at the Rainbows Bridge, or as he said, he would come back to me. That was the only thing that comforted me. The doctor did the procedure in the back of the 4-runner, and I held him through it all with tears streaming down my face. He closed his eyes, took his last breath and was put to rest in my loving arms, and I held him close to my heart. I kissed him on his big old head goodbye.

In that same moment, my cell phone rang; my little brother Mike was calling me. He said,  

“What is wrong with Dreamer! She is on Sam’s bed looking at the ceiling

                    and howling!”

I could hear her cries in the back ground, and asked Mike if she had just started? He answered,


                I told Mike that Sam had just passed and that Dreamer knows it. With a heavy heart I made the drive back home without my companion, and cried all the way. I would forever cherish the love and devotion I had been blessed with by Sam. As I entered the door, I was shocked when Dreamer came right up to me. From that day forward Dreamer has never left my side, keeping the promise that Sam had asked her to do. She has been a Dream since then, and I owe Sam for that one. Sam did the last loving thing he could do for me while on this earth. He extended his love to me through her, and I thank him for that.  Dreamer is forever my Heart Girl as Sam was my Heart Boy. Keeping in mind how dogs have souls they, also like us, have the decision to come back in some form. On March 9th, 2006, Dreamer gave birth to a boy puppy and girl puppy. Sam kept his promise and came back as Drako.


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